Weigh-In… 219!!! Total Weight loss: 61 Pounds down, 39 to go!

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I had weigh-ins at the gym on Saturday and much to my surprise I lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks! I’m at 219…down from 280! That’s a 61 pound weight loss now! I have another 39lbs to go to make the 100lb mark.

I probably could have made the 15lb challenge but I did have a few down days over the past 2 weeks. Somehow Wheat Thins made it into my mouth more than once and oh I can’t forget an awesome church activity that had some delicious goodies I somehow couldn’t pass up. What is wrong with me??? Food addiction! Sugar addict! I can’t beat myself up over it now. But I am proud of the 13lbs lost in such a short period of time. About 99% of the time over this past 5 weeks, I stayed on target and ate my protein, veggies & good carbs for every meal and included a protein drink in between too. I also committed to participating in bootcamp 5 days a week. Making sure I got in those 5 days was a struggle sometimes. Just the fact of getting out of the house, making it on time, getting my little girl off to school, or having to bring her on occasions (darn snow days when school is closed!) while mommy worked out was a challenge, but I made it through and am happy I did.

My jeans are fitting better. I’m in a size 16 (down from a 24/26 now)!. I feel more energetic and have had some ahh-ha moments that surprised the heck out of me such as:
Being able to do a dozen real pushups!
Being able to do a plank for 1-1/2 minutes!
(And this comes from not having ANY core strength after having 2 back surgeries and taking it TOO easy on myself)

Signing up for this challenge gave me the accountability and commitment that I needed to accomplish this goal. I still have a long ways to go, but progress every day shows improvement in the way my clothes fit and the way I feel.

Next challenge…I think I am going to sign up for a 5K to get my stomach/hips/thighs to slim down a bit more. :o)

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