My 5 year old joins in on home exercises with mom

Letting your kids watch YouTube can backfire on you (as it has done for me at about :45 seconds through this video).
This Blizzard of 2016 has kept us home-bound for the past few days so I am constantly looking for ideas to keep the little one busy. Though it is nice to spend time with the family, I’m ready for normalcy again. When will school open back up? So for my homework (Home-Work-Out) today it involved squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and more. This in addition to the shoveling yesterday and today…I’m sore!

Exercising with kids and getting the family involved is so important. If we don’t set a good example for them, who will? I could have easily left her to watching You Tube on the iPad upstairs which means more and more Barbie videos, Play Dough videos and more that she would have watched, but luckily I called her down to help me ‘count’ my exercises out. Something as simple as that – a math game really, actually got her to do some exercises with me! Shocked! She lasted about 10 min with me doing pushups, jumping jacks, and even some floor stretches and more. I even googled some exercise videos and she enjoyed a few following along with some all by herself. It was pretty cute to say

Kids love it when families exercise together. Fancy equipment is not needed, just a creative mind (or a list of body weight & floor exercises) to get moving and off the iPad for a while.
On a side note – it’s Jan 26 and I still have my Christmas Tree up! Maybe I’ll take it down this week when we can shovel our way to the shed!

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