Almost 300 pounds? I have hit Rock Bottom!

Reaching 280 pounds was my low point.  I was nearly 300 pounds! I went to a specialty doctor (ENT) for Strep Throat who I hadn’t seen in years.  He told me “The last time I saw you was 7 years… and 70 pounds ago”.  Ouch!  That hit me in the face like a ton of bricks.  

Star 280

My journey has started and stopped with yo-yo dieting a thousand times.  I was successful most of the time, but then gained back every pound and then some.  It was just a vicious cycle.  I had to get a grip of myself after having 2 back surgeries (herniated discs) and reaching 280 pounds.  Yes, 2 kids, 2 back surgeries and 280 pounds later I had to do something.

I couldn’t bend over to put on my own shoes & socks!  I could barely keep up with my kids.  I lost my breath walking up a flight of stairs – heck a 1/2 flight of stairs.  I had troubles bending down to pick up something off the ground, even shaving my legs! Yes, pretty pathetic.  

I used every excuse in the book to get out of going to the gym.  I never had time, didn’t have a babysitter, etc., etc.  Fast food and bad food is cheap and it was just so much easier to pick up something and go than to try to cook a decent meal.

I scared myself thinking I was so close to hitting 300, I had to get my head on straight.  I was at my all-time low, rock bottom and contemplated Gastric Bypass or Sleeve surgery.  My insurance would not cover it though.  How depressing!  How am I going to get this weight off?  The old fashioned way?  That will take forever!  What is a girl to do??

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