I fell off the bandwagon…

I fell off the bandwagon and felt like I was in maintenance mode for a few months, but in reality my weight started increasing slowly. First 2 or 3 lbs, then 3 more, then 5 more, and then my jeans started feeling tight! Ugh….You probably know how it goes!

I’ve worked so hard going from a 24/26 size jean to a 16/18 and I know I still have more to go, I can’t let this happen! I can’t let all this hard work go to waist (yes, I meant to spell it that way!) Literally more is being added to my waist…not good!

I was starting to eat cheese & crackers again, but then finding myself some evenings bored and devouring 1/2 box of Wheat Thins! Or I’d grab 1 or 2 Oreos when my daughter had one, and well- you can’t have Oreo’s without milk. Next thing I know I’d see a whole row of Oreo’s missing! What the what???!!!???!!! How can I eat and not realize what I was putting in my mouth! I think I have a serious problem here!

I read some motivational quote that said something to the effect of “Being defeted is temporary. Giving up is permanent.” That meant to me that I needed a challenge. I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to get back into motion.

My husband was just diagnosed with Diabetes in November and that was another wake up call for both of us. He is not overweight, but being Latino he likes his rice & plantains with Chicha (juice) on the side. But when he was sick the first week of November he started to develop some symptoms similar to what my dad has had in the past (My dad also has diabetes) such as frequent urination, blurry vision, just not feeling good at all period. I decided to go pick up a blood sugar test at CVS and sure enough his blood sugar was 536! The next morning we called the doctor and got him in immediately, his blood sugar was 475 that morning, he immediately was given insulin and a prescription for pills and insulin shots. What an adjustment both of us had to make.

This past week I have made a commitment to get this ‘holiday weight’ off and keep on going. More to come because I surely don’t want to end up with Diabetes. Can’t stop…won’t stop!

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