Commited to losing 100 pounds!

I found my wake-up call at the doctors visit I mentioned in an earlier post. My limited mobility due to my back surgeries felt like it was holding me back from everything. After having 2 back surgeries for herniated discs, I really let myself go. I was too careful with everything. This made me extremely lazy. I made excuses up for everything, I couldn’t pick up hardly anything on the floor, laundry was difficult to do, and even putting on my own shoes was a chore (thank goodness for slip on shoes)!

When I reached 280lbs, I decided that I had to make a change. I have 2 kids and a husband. If I want to keep up with any of them, I had to do something!

I was about 175lbs in high school, how can I get back to that? I was never small or skinny growing up. I always had weight issues – food addiction was something I suffered with all my life. I still have some of those moments, but surely not like before.

I looked into Bariatric surgery and after finding out my insurance wouldn’t pay for it, I had to take matters into my own hands or pay for this surgery out of pocket.

I saw an ad on Facebook about Fitness Optimist Transformation center and it sounded exactly like what I needed to kickstart myself to losing some weight. During orientation the owner there, Joe asked how much weight do I want to lose? Hesitantly I answered about 100 lbs. Right then I committed myself to getting the weight off.

My first day there I suffered – I couldn’t even do a jumping jack! Or was I scared I’d hurt my back again? I surely didn’t want to have a 3rd back surgery so I better give it my all.

I’ve been with this transformation center for quite a few months now and love the trainers there! Trudi and Joe have whipped me into shape now being able to do situps, pushups, jumping jacks and even running! Well – it’s more like a jog to most, but for me…it’s running! :o) I am still slow to get off the floor, and my mobility is not what it was in high school by any means.

Personal Progress is my goal – to make every day just a little bit better, do a few more push-ups, situps, plate push for an extra few seconds (yeah- I couldn’t get about 5 feet with a plate down the green when I started). Trudi will have to tell that story one day! :o)

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