Blizzard Exercises & Plank Challenge

It’s so easy to snuggle up on the couch watching TV stuffing your face during a blizzard, but when my FB timeline is filled with plank challenges from my fitness family, I had to join in. I had to get my mind right. The Blizzard that hit us in the Northeastern United states has paralyzed the DC/Baltimore area. So We were even given an at-home blizzard workout to keep this weight loss journey going. What’s better than an exercise routine with your family at home

When I started this journey, I couldn’t hold a plank for 3 seconds, my core strength was zero. I had had 2 back surgeries in 2009 & 2011 for herniated disc’s that left me unable (or unwilling) to bend down, pick up anything, carry anything heavy, etc. And I really took it TOO easy on myself and let myself go. I lost ALL of my core strength and gained a ton of weight from not being active.

So building it back up has been challenging to say the least, so watching this video makes me want to pat myself on the back.

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